End-of-central-directory signature not found Zip Error

Published: 24th March 2009
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Zip file format is most popular when it comes to saving disk space, data compression and archiving. Though there is a variety of compression algorithms supported, but Deflate is used widely, however Zip file format remains the same.

Zip files are constituted of files and directories that are arbitrarily stored, but the general file format is sequential. It is comprised of local file header, followed by extended file header and central directory. With the addition of each new file, it gets inflated data plus a local file header. After all files have been written, a central directory is specified. Central directory lies at the end of file where location of each file is indicated.

Central directory is consisted of file headers. For each file entry, this is comprised of relative offset like information in archive of local headers and file names. Central directory marks a particular 4-byte signature for each entry. Also, each file entry gets a different signature. These signatures are compared when Zip file is parsed.

When Zip archive gets corrupt, it fails to be extracted. Also user gets different error messages specifying the corruption related to central directory and signature mismatch as:

"End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a zip file, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive"

Zip corruption needs Zip Repair. However other than archive corruption, this error message may also show that user has uncompressed a file which has same name in the same directory. Thus in these cases, we need to specify .zip extension while unzipping the file so that unzip may know the exact file to be extracted.

In case of Zip archive corruption, it needs safe and powerful utilities that can extract lost information. It is possible using Zip Recovery software. These repair zip software use scanning algorithms which are safe and can efficiently repair corrupt Zip archives.

Stellar Phoenix zip recovery is the powerful and safe Zip Repair application. It scans the corrupt archive and repairs it perfectly. This Zip Recovery application can be used with Zip files created with WinZip 5.0 through 11.1. It has an interactive interface and safe data restoration options. Phoenix Zip Repair thoroughly examines the file and

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